November 3ʳᵈ - 4ᵗʰ



Exotic car ownership has always been the link that connects people in a way that a lot of other things can’t.  Because of this exotic car events have been a staple in networking for many years, but there was always something missing. The cars need to move, the drivers need to drive. With this vision, The Drive Club was born – the matrimony of fusing the bond that comes from the cars and the adrenaline and excitement that comes from the drive.

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Drive Club Rally stems from a lifetime love of cars and Motorsports.  As a small boy my dad would point out the beauty in the car lines and talk about the engines. At 16 I met my first love, a beautiful white with blue interior 1996 V6 Toyota Camry.  My passion for these magnificent driving machines never dissipated. My dad and I found cars we loved, tuned them up with superchargers and tail-fins and other embellishments then sold them to enthusiastic buyers. 

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