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About The Rally


TD1 in June 2019 was the kickoff event on Long Island with a run from Hempstead NY to the Montauk Lighthouse with about 25 cars including Lamborghini, Ferrari, McLaren and Porsches. The event was a success from the enjoyment of the drivers to the enthusiastic responses of locals who stopped check out the cars to take pictures with us. 

I knew there would be more events but there was still something missing. The events had to have a purpose above a highline level experience for those who were blessed with the means to own one of these cars. If we would drive, we would drive for a cause. We would now be Drive Club Rally – Rally for a Cause! Every future event would be tied to nonprofit organizations or charities, local and national outreach programs to benefit others.


TD2-2 was planned for October 2019. October is traditionally Breast Cancer Awareness month.  Drive Club Rally would rally to bring awareness and raise funds for breast cancer research. The rally would be from  Hempstead Long Island, NY to Newport RI. This time 50+drivers joined wearing pink emblem tee-shirts and cars decked out with Breast Cancer Pink Ribbon Decals, raising money and having fun.

TD3 & beyond –

TD3 Drive Car Rally will Rally for Stop Soldier Suicide, a support and services program for military members and their families; a cause which is near and dear to my heart. As former military, I witness friends suffering from PTSD and other mental health issues. Suicide is a frequent alternative for those feeling helpless and hopeless after serving our country 

We also have .5 events (TD1.5, TD2.5) Which are non sponsored and usually just for fun for previous attendees. We did one upstate for a photo shoot and another one to a go kart track.

Check out our past and upcoming events pages. Our engines are just getting started!

About The Founder


Drive Club Rally stems from a lifetime love of cars and motorsports.  As a small boy my dad would point out the beauty in the car lines and talk about the engines. At 16 I met my first love, a beautiful white with blue interior 1996 V6 Toyota Camry. 


My passion for these magnificent driving machines never dissipated. My dad and I found cars we loved, tuned them up with superchargers and tailfins and other embellishments then sold them to enthusiastic buyers.  In 2007 I answered an ad for sales in a car dealership. I was home when I walked through the door. My career in the auto industry was short lived as my life detoured working for the department of defense for 7 tours in Afghanistan. When I came home, I knew I again wanted to be surrounded by cars.I resumed working in finance at an auto dealership. As my career developed, I kept the goal of owning my dream car, a Lamborghini Gallardo.


I began to own exotic cars starting with a 2011 BMW M3 then going with a 2015 BMW M3 and then a Audi R8 v10 plus then a 2017 Nissan GTR to  now my dream car my current Lamborghini Huracan.

Drive Club Rally is born

Exotic car ownership has always been the link that connects people in a way that a lot of other things can’t.  Because of this exotic car events have been a staple in networking for many years, but there was always something missing. The cars need to move, the drivers need to drive. With this vision, The Drive Club was born – the matrimony of fusing the bond that comes from the cars and the adrenaline and excitement that comes from the drive.